Palestine Forever!

O Allah, grant them Paradise!

O Allah, grant us strength to keep strong and steadfast!

Ameen ya Rabb…

“…My colleague is asking me how I’m coping with the situation and how I overcome my fear. I take a deep breathe and try and explain as best I can. During the day when I’m out working with the Islamic Relief team I stay strong and never show the exhaustion or the fear. I’m there to help people who in many cases have nothing. When I get home I try and stay strong for my family especially my nieces and nephews who are very young and frightened. At night when I read the evening prayer I can’t control myself and I cry and cry all night. In the morning I leap up and force myself to shake all the despair and hurt and get ready to go out and try and help the people of Gaza”

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6 thoughts on “Palestine Forever!

  1. Salam alayk,

    Dear readers, i’m now in Msia. And not thinking to buy any new maxis/celcom/digi numbers for this short stay. But if you’d have my father/mother phone no you’re just so lucky 🙂 .

    If not, you can contact me via ym or e-mail, or leave message here. Insya-Allah, there will be a response. Insya-Allah.


  2. mai,
    this is my first visit to ur weblog. glad to know that u r still the same maisarah shukri that always inspires others to be good.
    btw, bila agaknya boleh jumpa ye?

  3. Ilani,

    I miss the good old days 😀

    For sure, really limited time to meet all girls, bila terserempak kat mana2, baru dapat borak2… jumpa seniors and juniors yang bertaburan kat muka bumi ni, gembira sgt2..

    Next gathering bila? Rasanya alumni ada nak buat gathering besar-besaran kan? takpun next wedding sesapa yg terdekat might be our chance to meet… hehe. Insya-Allah…

  4. assalamualaikum mai…
    best lg “Tell me why” tu..i love it!
    hrp dpt jumpe mai lg pasni, insyaAllah..

    Mai sgt baik!
    ukhuwah fillah is da sweetest! Slm rindu =)

  5. Waalaikummussalam wbt

    Khomsiah, long time no talk, rindu! Moga semuanya baik2 saja ya. Insya-Allah kalau ada kelapangan bolehla datang lagi rumah mai. Let me know when u’re in Kelantan again.

    Ukhwah fillah is the sweetest 😀

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