Time speaks

Bismillah ArRahmaan ArRaheem,

Salam alayk

Alhamdulillah all praises only to Allah swt. Alhamdulillah ada peluang untuk update blog setelah lama menyepi. There’s a lot of things to share with dear readers. 🙂 For those who are really dear to me, you know why i didn’t update this blog, rite? Syukran for everything, syukran jiddan. From Annual Grand Dinner to Permai to Bantimurung to Antologi50Penulis. I think my gratitutes didn’t enuf for everyone who had and have work out their best for all the precious moment in my life. I pray to Allah that all of you will get the best reward only from Allah swt. Ameen.

I truly miss my dear family and friends. MasyaAllah. Rindu yang sangat. Moga2 cepatla sampai rumah bulan july nanti insyaAllah. 🙂

I still have a lot of things need to be settled down before starting the holidays. Need time to read also. Few books on my birthday really catches my attention. May Allah make ease on everything and for everyone. I know there’s a lot going to happen for the first time. 😉

Till we meet again. Time is precious if only you know how to appreciate it!


Salam sayang, 


2 thoughts on “Time speaks

  1. Salam, sayang. Syoknye, orang tu dah nak start cuti…
    Harap sangat sempat jumpa Mai nanti..

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