Hidden words…


if my existence have influences and changes your life,


your existence has influenced and changed mine though.

Let your heart speaks, is that hard?


2 thoughts on “Hidden words…

  1. salam,
    mai dear,
    itsumou arigatou,
    honto arigatou,
    tatoe doko ni itatte kimi no,
    sonzai ni kansha shiteru yo.


  2. Salam alayk,

    Wah, it seems like you know japanese better than me..hehe

    Maybe its just culture for them, japanese didnt say aishiteru in public.. 😉

    One japanese had just told that aishiteru only can be said to your beloved one..like your husband, wife…even its rare to see they said that in their films..wallahualam..heh, i think so. Japanese got lots of etiquettes i can say, sungguh sopan.. 🙂

    Uhibbuki lillahi Ta’ala

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