Bridging the chasm..

Assalamu’alaykum wbt,

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious and Most Merciful..

This entry serves to provide some information on expanding your knowledge base.

First of all, I want to let you all know about this great tracker site for torrents relevant to Muslims. It’s at I’ve downloaded tens of documentaries and talks from this website and I find them very informative. I urge you to take advantage of what advanced consumer technology has to offer these days.

Asides from IslamicTorrents, I also like to download from which compiles all the PBS, NG, Discovery and BBC documentaries. Very educational indeed (if you have the time to watch all those videos, that is). And if you want to study in a university-like fashion, go to and enter “TTC” in the search box. You’ll find all the lecture titles from The Teaching Company, a company that records lectures from the best professors in the world. They also include a PDF reference book for you to read as you listen to the lectures.

If you have a video iPod or PDA, you can keep yourself occupied by watching these documentaries, videos, lectures etc while on the go. You can even do so systematically by taking notes and discussing them with peers and online forums.

Last but not least, may I recommend you use an RSS Aggregator to update yourself on all the latest ongoings around the world instantly and effortlessly. It is a program which downloads the latest entries from news sites, podcasts and blogs. There are online-based aggregators such as GoogleReader and offline ones (I recommend Newz Crawler – it’s definitely the best one available). So basically, if you see a red square in the Address Bar of Firefox, then that site provides RSS Feeds. All you do is subscribe to it via your aggregator.

To sum it all up, I’ve given you some tips to increase your knowledge base, in hopes that we can all take advantage of information to overcome lack of education opportunities and bridge the chasm between us Muslim nations and developed nations (whom control tools of mass propaganda). We live in an information age. It’s a war of the minds. This is the Jihad.

Jazakumullahu khayran katheera 🙂



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