Merindui janjiMU, bantuan di perjuangan ini..~

“…He who relies on ALLAH, ALLAH is enough for him…”




As we make our journey through life,
We build foundations to stand up high,
Knowing what is to come,
Waiting for judgement day,
Pleading ignorance to some,
We know that ain’t the way.

We trip, we fall but that’s life in all,
We put faith in Allah, and stand up tall
We can’t give up and we don’t give in,
because judgement day is where it begins.

Smiling can put a gleam in the heart,
We all should find some place to start,
Make it today not tomorrow,
This life of ours is only to borrow.

Walking, talking, crying, trying,
Want to be on your own but that’s just lying,
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
Know that Allah is always with you.

Even when your left high and dry
Remember that Allah is always close by
If no ones there to be found
Remember Allah is always around
If you need some one to hold or care
Be sure that Allah will always be there

We struggle We battle to stay on our feet
because in eternal paradise we want our seat
We tolerate and liberate at times with low Self-Esteem
However, he who relies on Allah, Allah is enough for him.




O’ my Dear ALLAH, grant me sincerity, tranquility and strength to face all these…for YOU knows the best for me, dunya wal akheerah…replace the better one with these hardships…Ameen..


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